Album Cover
Spirit Dance
Michael White
Released: September 14, 2011
Label: Impulse/Universal Japan/Zoom
Track Listing
1 Spirit Dance
2 The Tenth Pyramid
3 John Coltrane Was Here
4 Ballad For Mother Frankie White
5 Samba
6 Unlocking The Twelfth House
7 Praise Innocence

Liner Notes

One of the killer albums that Michael White cut for Impulse Records in the early 70 – a sweet set of spiritual jazz that took his instrument to a whole new level! Normally, the violin isn't an instrument we love in jazz, but White really transforms it here – playing it with a stretched-out, spiritual sound that's almost like a saxophone – really hitting a fresh sound that's mighty nice. Other instrumentation includes a nicely organic blend of piano from Ed Kelly, bass from Ray Drummond, and percussion and flutes from Baba Omson – often building in the way you'd get with a Pharoah Sanders album, but with a gentler, more personal sound. There's a bit of vocals at points from Makeda & Wanika King – and tracks include "The Tenth Pyramid", "Spirit Dance", "John Coltrane Was Here", and "Unlocking The Twelfth House". (SHMCD pressing.) - Dusty Groove America



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